Connect with Your Target Audience

At Clearly Conveyed Communications, we help you communicate—and connect—with your target audience via marketing, writing and social media services.


Smartphones, papers, notebooks, pens and cups of coffee lay scattered on a table during a meeting.

Marketing is personal. We deliver your message to your audience by speaking their language and understanding their needs and desires. What’s in it for them?


A flatscreen monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, tablet, smartphone, calculator, houseplant, sticky notes and a cup of coffee sit on a desk in front of a white brick wall. A calendar and framed cork board frame the monitor with a silver desk lamp on the right hand side.

Writing is a process, an effective way to communicate and crucial to finding your voice. We deliver clear, concise writing that rolls out the red carpet to results.

Social Media

A diverse group of people stand together while looking at laptops, smartphones and tablets. Dotted lines, social media images and speech bubbles connect the scene.

Social media is all about getting social. We build an active, engaged community that boosts your brand awareness, grows your market share and delivers business.

We asked Shawburn for a full rebranding of our company. We couldn’t happier and our customers too.

Amy Blake, LexCorp

Shawburn took care of our online marketing with some amazing results. We are now the first result in every search engine!

Mike Wallace, Wayne Enterprises


Clearly Conveyed Communications has been helping businesses and brands communicate and connect with their target audiences since 2012.

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Reach out to discuss a project or how we can work together to communicate—and connect—with your audience and build your brand.

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