Pinterest: In The Spotlight

Pinterest: it’s not just for soccer moms and DIY crafty types. This visual-oriented social platform can be a great place to showcase your business. Pin this: Now you can spotlight your Pinterest boards right on your website. Just click on the arrows button on the board you’d like to spotlight and grab the code forContinue reading “Pinterest: In The Spotlight”

14 Tips for the High School Class of 2014

Always carry a notebook. You never know when an idea will strike. (This post was born in mine.) Start building your professional network now. It’ll come in handy later (and that may be sooner than you think). Learn every day. Formal education is important but remember that some of your most important lessons will comeContinue reading “14 Tips for the High School Class of 2014”

Your Comfort Zone: Where the Magic Happens

We’ve all seen this picture before, and I get the message. Sometimes you have to do things in life and business that make you uncomfortable in order to succeed. But if you’re uncomfortable day in and day out in your normal environment, are you really going to accomplish much? Here’s my advice: get in yourContinue reading “Your Comfort Zone: Where the Magic Happens”

And The Award Goes To…

CCC is excited to accept its second award for this blog — The Butterfly Light Award — from Sage Doyle, author of The Journal of Wall Grimm and guest blogger extraordinaire.Thanks, Sage! This award is given to those who are using their blog to spread light or be a positive influence in today’s world. We’reContinue reading “And The Award Goes To…”

An Omnipresent View? The Life of a Small Business Owner

As I sit here and watch the conclusion of the Nets-Heat game, my thoughts keep drifting back to my business. It’s not for lack of excitement: this game, and especially the 4th quarter, has been a back-and-forth affair. In fact, I’m loving the view on TNT Overtime: Wouldn’t it be great if you had thisContinue reading “An Omnipresent View? The Life of a Small Business Owner”