Why do you want to be a silhouette?

It’s the first thing that makes me second guess following you. If you can’t even add a profile picture—something, anything—I really question the value of your tweets. Of course, there’s debate on what works best as an avatar; but first, you need a profile pic. Period. I realize this is basic knowledge, and one ofContinue reading “Why do you want to be a silhouette?”

The Opera: Chapter One

Clearly Conveyed Communications is extremely excited to host our first guest blog post, The Opera, by Sage Doyle. Following is the first chapter of an original work by Mr. Doyle that he will be seeking publication for this summer. Enjoy! Who is Sage Doyle? Sage Doyle is a mainstream novel writer pursuing publication. On his blog,Continue reading “The Opera: Chapter One”

Thank You, Soldier

As we head off to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend, remember what we’re observing on Monday. Memorial Day isn’t just the official start to summer, or a day to barbecue, swim and enjoy with family and friends. It’s a chance to remember, honor and pay respects to those who have given the ultimate sacrificeContinue reading “Thank You, Soldier”

How MacGyver Can Inspire Your Marketing Efforts

I wanted to be MacGyver when I grew up. [Who’s MacGyver?] Not Cinderella or Barbie or Sassette Smurfling (although living in the Smurf Village wouldn’t have been so bad.) Why? MacGyver was a thinker. He didn’t just shoot someone (didn’t even carry a gun in fact) or take the easy way out of a situation.Continue reading “How MacGyver Can Inspire Your Marketing Efforts”

What makes you smile?

I’m sitting here polishing my toenails while making updates to my website and a squirrel just ran across my windowsill, stopping to peer in. (Don’t feed the humans!) I realized that I was smiling despite the damage that the little critters can cause. What makes you smile? Sometimes a midst the frustration and minor annoyances ofContinue reading “What makes you smile?”

Attention bloggers! We want you.

Yes, you. You’re reading this post and love to blog or have been secretly wanting to start blogging, but you’re not sure where to start. We would love to feature your thoughts. The Clearly Conveyed Communications (CCC) blog turned a year old last month, and we’re ready to open our doors to outside content. WhatContinue reading “Attention bloggers! We want you.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Love, Google

Brands have been creating content, offering special promotions and attaching themselves to seemingly non-related holidays for years. But for Mother’s Day 2013, Google nailed it. Here’s to the Moms The worldwide search giant did what it does best — connected you to the information you need. A special landing page offers: a video celebrating momsContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Love, Google”

In 10 Years, I Have…

In honor of LinkedIn’s 10 year anniversary, Slideshare is asking you to look back at the past decade of your life. Where have you gone? What have you done? How far have you come? Well, here’s mine… enjoy! Let me know what you think! What has happened in your life over the past 10 years?Continue reading “In 10 Years, I Have…”

What’s your riddle?

You know, the one that’s still stumping you, no matter how hard you try to solve it. That puzzle you keep turning over in your mind like a Rubik’s Cube, knowing there’s a solution out there somewhere. What’s your riddle?                              Continue reading “What’s your riddle?”