What Making Leg Lamp Cookies Taught Me About My Business

Yes, those leg lamp cookies. If you’re not familiar with the famous (or some would say infamous) leg lamp, then go see A Christmas Story. And don’t shoot your eye out, kid!  So back to the cookies. I made the dough on Sunday night and planned to cut, bake and ice the cookies on MondayContinue reading “What Making Leg Lamp Cookies Taught Me About My Business”

Where Has All of the Good Journalism Gone?

Along with the rest of the nation, I watched in horror at the events that unfolded in Newtown, CT last Friday. I was out running errands for my business in the morning, so I didn’t see the initial breaking news coverage. I quickly checked my social media networks upon arriving home and noticed a fewContinue reading “Where Has All of the Good Journalism Gone?”

Special Offers: Are You Engaging Customers or Just Irritating Them?

It’s that time of year! During the Holiday shopping season, companies love to entice deal-hungry consumers with special offers to grab their share of the pie. Facebook page offers. Mobile discount codes. Coupons, special discounts or gift cards with purchases. These promotions can be a great way to interact with fans and create ambassadors forContinue reading “Special Offers: Are You Engaging Customers or Just Irritating Them?”

Online Marketing & Your Privacy: Can They Coexist?

As a marketing professional, I find myself in a conundrum. I completely understand companies wanting to gather information about me in order to present a more personalized experience. Targeted ads, relevant special offers, personalized product suggestions. But it’s scary. We live in a digital world, and identity theft and fraud are on the rise. If weContinue reading “Online Marketing & Your Privacy: Can They Coexist?”