Where else can you read about MacGyver, Marketing and Leg Lamp Cookies?

As we approach the 200 follower mark, it seemed like a good time to officially welcome (or re-welcome) everyone to the blog and answer some frequently asked questions.

The doors open... come on in!

What’s this blog about? 

In a nutshell, posts typically fall into 4 main categories: marketing, writing, social media and personal reflection. As loyal readers will tell you though, we may take any number of roads to arrive at the destination. Elvis? Check. MacGyver? Yes. Leg lamp cookies. What else would you expect?

How can I check out previous posts? 

The categories and tags balloons on the right hand side of the page are great for delving into posts on specific topics — booksbranding, paying it forward, etc. If you’re looking for what others are reading, check out the popular content section on the right hand side. It changes daily based on what people are reading that particular day. The archives heading, again on the right side, is a great way to find a past post from a specific time period, say September 2013. Looking for different voices? Scroll down to the Contributors to the CCC Blog section on the right sidebar to enjoy business insight, thoughts on branding and even original poetry.

Do you host guest bloggers? 

Yes! We’ve been blessed to host some wonderful guest bloggers, including those referenced in the aforementioned Contributors to the CCC Blog section (on the right hand side). You can browse all of our guest posts here.

Are you interested in being published on the CCC blog? Click here for more information.

What’s CCC stand for anyway?

Clearly Conveyed Communications. We give companies and brands a voice by assisting them with their marketing, writing and social media needs. Wondering what to post on Facebook? Looking for some magical marketing copy? Trying to keep tabs on your ever-changing market? Give us a call (or email or tweet or message…)! We’ll be happy to discuss your next project — no strings attached. Just have a question? That’s OK too! Hit us up; we might just know the answer.

Who’s the voice behind this blog (and site)?

Me. 😉

What can we expect to read in the future?

This is where you come in! Are you looking for information on a particular topic? Would you love to hear more about something previously touched on? We love your feedback and try to use it to shape future content. Drop us a line or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

So that should just about do it. Any other questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

–>Who’s read this blog in their pj’s?<–

Photo credit: the doors open by Torley Olmstead via CC BY-SA 2.0 // modified by the author


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Should You Slim Down (on Social Media)?

One of the first things I always discuss with clients (or even prospects) is that you can’t be everything to everyone — even on social media. We all know that, but as small business owners or business professionals, it can be difficult to weed out any ‘potential’ customers.

A Conversation

Are you on social media overload?
“A Conversation” by Khalid Albalh via CC BY 2.0

Do what I say, not what I do. It dawned on me today after seeing the same reminder from a fellow business owner that I was falling victim to the same trap. In the two and half years that CCC has been in business, my company’s presence on social media, including accounts utilized for business and personal use, has grown to include profiles, pages and channels on double digit social networks. So while I was questioning why other companies wanted to be all things to all people, I was doing the exact same thing.

After mulling over the subject, I have decided to delete my YouTube channel and Google+ profile and page. While these are noteworthy social networks with numerous benefits, they don’t offer the best platforms for my business objectives. (Every business is different, so these particular networks may work well for you.)

When is the last time you’ve conducted a review on your company’s social media presence?

Are you spreading your resources too thin?

Are you trying to be everything to everyone?

If you’ve been struggling with a particular social network or wondering what your company’s (or your) presence is accomplishing, take 5-10 minutes to think about it this week. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy or maybe it’s time to focus on other social networks that better fit what you’re trying to do. Remember, social media isn’t free. Achieving results on any social network requires time, knowledge, patience and persistence.

Get Social (Where It Makes Sense)

How many active social media presences do you or your company have?

Do you have the resources to dedicate to each network?

How do you decide to set up a new social media presence?

Do you have a dedicated person (or people) to manage your social media presences?

What social platforms would you consider leaving or do you not use?

Of course, we’re available if you’re looking for help with your social media needs. Feel free to check out our social media services page or contact us for additional information. Regardless of who handles your social media presences, take a few minutes this week to think about where you’re at, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You may be surprised at what you find along the way.

Slimming down (on social media),

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Free Your Mind and The Productivity Will Follow

One of my favorite college classes was Business Writing. While it was a morning class (night owl here), we were so productive in that hour and fifteen minute time frame. Why? Free writes.

Do you free write?

Free writing—and espresso—help me get the creative juices flowing.

Each class, we’d arrive and sit down at a computer. The professor (who was another reason that class was so productive) would give us a topic, seemingly at random. We’d have 15 minutes to write on that topic, whether it be our desired superpower or a special memory from our childhood. No matter the topic, the free writes produced the desired results — getting our creative juices flowing.

Let’s be honest. College students aren’t known for being morning people and may party more than most. But the simple act of free writing helped us wake up, start thinking and made the rest of the class more productive.

Do you free write?

Sometimes I’ll look back through my college papers, and I always enjoy re-reading the free writes from this class. I’m going to begin incorporating these back into my routine to help break through writer’s block and get my mind going when it’s just one of those days.

Here’s your free write topic: What superpower would you choose? Why? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!


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Kids & Social Media = What’s the Right Answer?

Your social media feeds are probably filled with pictures of your friends’ kids (or complete strangers’ kids), especially during back-to-school, Halloween or birthday parties. While we ohh and ahh over these pictures, a question always comes to my mind — how much is too much?

A young girl uses a laptop

“Young girl using a laptop” by PictureYouth via CC BY 2.0

Everyone is proud of their kids, and they should be. Let’s be honest… all parents reading this post would tell me their children are special and ‘above average’ at key capabilities. So it’s understandable that parents would want to show off their kids as much as possible. But should their be limits?

As a parent, how do you decide when to begin creating your child’s digital footprint? How do you determine what to post? Is anything acceptable — especially for young children? Naked pictures in the bathtub or sitting on a toilet? Do you worry about these pictures cropping up 20 years in the future?

I’m not a parent, so I’m curious of the thought process surrounding these questions — if there’s one at all. As a relative, do you post pictures of your nieces, nephews or cousins automatically? Or do you check with the child’s parents first? Do you share pictures of your relatives’ children to your social networks, which probably include friends outside of whoever posted the picture?

I’m not judging; I’d love to start a discussion and hear different points of view on this subject. Obviously, when my generation was growing up, there weren’t social media networks to share every aspect of your life on 24/7. Digital cameras or phones with cameras weren’t around either, so our parents didn’t take nearly as many pictures of us as kids as parents do today. It’s a different world!

So my question is… kids and social media = what’s the right answer?

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