Where else can you read about MacGyver, Marketing and Leg Lamp Cookies?

As we approach the 200 follower mark, it seemed like a good time to officially welcome (or re-welcome) everyone to the blog and answer some frequently asked questions. What’s this blog about?  In a nutshell, posts typically fall into 4 main categories: marketing, writing, social media and personal reflection. As loyal readers will tell you though,Continue reading “Where else can you read about MacGyver, Marketing and Leg Lamp Cookies?”

Should You Slim Down (on Social Media)?

One of the first things I always discuss with clients (or even prospects) is that you can’t be everything to everyone — even on social media. We all know that, but as small business owners or business professionals, it can be difficult to weed out any ‘potential’ customers. Do what I say, not what I do.Continue reading “Should You Slim Down (on Social Media)?”

Free Your Mind and The Productivity Will Follow

One of my favorite college classes was Business Writing. While it was a morning class (night owl here), we were so productive in that hour and fifteen minute time frame. Why? Free writes. Each class, we’d arrive and sit down at a computer. The professor (who was another reason that class was so productive) wouldContinue reading “Free Your Mind and The Productivity Will Follow”

Kids & Social Media = What’s the Right Answer?

Your social media feeds are probably filled with pictures of your friends’ kids (or complete strangers’ kids), especially during back-to-school, Halloween or birthday parties. While we ohh and ahh over these pictures, a question always comes to my mind — how much is too much? Everyone is proud of their kids, and they should be. Let’sContinue reading “Kids & Social Media = What’s the Right Answer?”