Should You Slim Down (on Social Media)?

One of the first things I always discuss with clients (or even prospects) is that you can’t be everything to everyone — even on social media. We all know that, but as small business owners or business professionals, it can be difficult to weed out any ‘potential’ customers.

A Conversation
Are you on social media overload?
“A Conversation” by Khalid Albalh via CC BY 2.0

Do what I say, not what I do. It dawned on me today after seeing the same reminder from a fellow business owner that I was falling victim to the same trap. In the two and half years that CCC has been in business, my company’s presence on social media, including accounts utilized for business and personal use, has grown to include profiles, pages and channels on double digit social networks. So while I was questioning why other companies wanted to be all things to all people, I was doing the exact same thing.

After mulling over the subject, I have decided to delete my YouTube channel and Google+ profile and page. While these are noteworthy social networks with numerous benefits, they don’t offer the best platforms for my business objectives. (Every business is different, so these particular networks may work well for you.)

When is the last time you’ve conducted a review on your company’s social media presence?

Are you spreading your resources too thin?

Are you trying to be everything to everyone?

If you’ve been struggling with a particular social network or wondering what your company’s (or your) presence is accomplishing, take 5-10 minutes to think about it this week. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy or maybe it’s time to focus on other social networks that better fit what you’re trying to do. Remember, social media isn’t free. Achieving results on any social network requires time, knowledge, patience and persistence.

Get Social (Where It Makes Sense)

How many active social media presences do you or your company have?

Do you have the resources to dedicate to each network?

How do you decide to set up a new social media presence?

Do you have a dedicated person (or people) to manage your social media presences?

What social platforms would you consider leaving or do you not use?

Of course, we’re available if you’re looking for help with your social media needs. Feel free to check out our social media services page or contact us for additional information. Regardless of who handles your social media presences, take a few minutes this week to think about where you’re at, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You may be surprised at what you find along the way.

Slimming down (on social media),

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