12 thoughts on “Promotional Products As Effective Marketing Tools

  1. What’s great about promotional products is that they can last a long time. Unlike an advertisement which is short lived and possibly tuned out anyway, a promotional product can keep your brand top of mind for many months or even years if the product is useful.


    1. Great point, Maura! That’s definitely a major benefit of promotional products, one that I always make sure to mention. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Come back soon!


  2. Very informative article, thanks for sharing. Promotional products are cost effective marketing tool. Having your company name and logo printed on these items will surely boost brand awareness for your business. While customer’s constant use of these items guarantees a lot of exposure for your brand. For promo items from Australia you may also visit http://www.davarni.com.au/


    1. Davarni,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our post on the effectiveness of promotional products. I agree with you: promotional products are cost effective, popular and definitely boost brand awareness. I was just checking out a global study on the subject yesterday. Thanks for sharing your website. Now we know where to go for promo products in Australia!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Astro Marketing! We appreciate you taking the time to comment and hope you enjoy future content. We’re looking forward to checking out your website.


  3. Promotional products are among the best marketing tools as long as they are useful to the consumer. People love free items and they like companies who give freebies, which makes such custom printed promotional products very effective. More and more companies are giving away this kind of products realizing how effective a marketing strategy it can be. The printing companies like Clubink in Toronto are having a great time with printed promotional items being so popular.

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    1. Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by! Agreed, promotional products are one of the most effective advertising mediums when used effectively. It’s impressive to see studies showing how many people keep promotional items and for how long, plus the high rate of recall of the advertiser. Thanks for reading!


  4. Promotional products are effective marketing tools. It can be more effective in reality if the company offers quality promotional products to employees. Easy Replication is the branded company that provides Bulk promotional USB Flash dives and sticks. It also offers USBs with company logo at competitive prices in the market.get more info


    1. Thanks for visiting the CCC blog, Mary Andrea! We agree; promotional products are effective marketing tools, and quality is important. We hope some of our readers check out your company. Cheers!


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