Facebook Messenger Is Now a Platform — And Open For Business

Facebook Messenger is open for business — to businesses! One of the biggest announcements made at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference last week is that Messenger is becoming a platform and is open for business. As business owners and consumers, we’re excited. Why? Peer-to-Peer Payments Feature Facebook is adding a feature to Messenger that will allowContinue reading “Facebook Messenger Is Now a Platform — And Open For Business”

4 Ways to Control Your Social Media Destiny, But Not Your Fate

Social media is a two-way street, a conversation between brands and consumers that’s never been possible before. Every brand dreams of having an active, engaged online community that shares opinions, discusses its products and invites others to join. Until it happens, that is. Then the brand starts to get nervous. Why? To truly get social,Continue reading “4 Ways to Control Your Social Media Destiny, But Not Your Fate”

3 Ways To Embrace the March Madness Spirit For Your Business

Two games in, and my bracket’s already busted. Oh hey, welcome to the CCC blog. I’m trying to sneak in some work today around the NCAA Men’s Tournament games. Sound familiar? March Madness. As a basketball fan, sports junkie or gambler, you love it. As a business owner or manager, you may hate it. How doContinue reading “3 Ways To Embrace the March Madness Spirit For Your Business”

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Business

Spring is in the air! Maybe it’s the rising temperatures or longer days, but optimism abounds this time of year. If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, don’t forget about your business! How can you spring clean your business? Try these tips: Get Organized — Go through your paper and electronic files and form aContinue reading “Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Business”

Gender Equality: Making Progress But #NotThere Yet

March 8th was International Women’s Day, and this year’s celebration made me think. It was inspirational to see the tweets, posts and updates across social media celebrating achievements by women. I f*cking love science‘s #WomenYouShouldHaveHeardOf campaign was downright educational. How many of these ladies did you learn about in school? It was also a little dispiriting inContinue reading “Gender Equality: Making Progress But #NotThere Yet”

A Subtle Dash of Branding Can Make Your Customers Smile

It’s amazing how what you do shows up throughout your life, even when you least expect it. For example… I was opening my mail yesterday after a long day spent catching up at home and in the office from traveling to a client’s conference last week. To my surprise, I received an early birthday gift fromContinue reading “A Subtle Dash of Branding Can Make Your Customers Smile”