Women in the Boardroom: Handshake or Hug?

You just finished a meeting with a key business partner and chairs push back around the table as members of both companies begin to file out of the room. Goodbyes are being said and hands are being shook as small talk fills the air. Did you see the game last night? What’s the weather supposedContinue reading “Women in the Boardroom: Handshake or Hug?”

Should Brands Get Political?

Brands are encouraged today to be living, breathing entities with values and to form relationships with customers. Is it any surprise then that some have jumped into politics? I realized recently that this topic has entered the mainstream conversation when an iconic brand wanted to explain to the public why it did NOT want toContinue reading “Should Brands Get Political?”

Invisible (Wo)Man: Where Would You Go?

Quick — what pops into your head when you see this graphic? I stumbled across it in Real Simple (illustration by Shout) and loved it. If you were invisible, where would you go? Any place in the world, any time. Go. Going incognito today, Jaime Join the conversation:              

Please stop telling me you’re busy.

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time, but I continued to bite my tongue. Then a fellow business owner shared an article on LinkedIn that hit home and encouraged me (OK, pushed me) to throw in my two cents on the subject. Please stop telling me you’re busy. Over the phone,Continue reading “Please stop telling me you’re busy.”

Gray Area: Do Ethics Still Have a Place in Business?

I’m a racing fan (OK, a sports fan in general) so I was following the race last Saturday night at Richmond International Speedway, which was the final race of the ‘regular season’ in NASCAR. As usual, there were a few drivers and teams who were on the bubble of making it into The Chase, NASCAR’sContinue reading “Gray Area: Do Ethics Still Have a Place in Business?”

Pay It Forward: A Movement For You & Me

Pay It Forward. You’ve probably heard this mantra before. Maybe you saw the movie or read the book or even came across a bracelet. Maybe you dismissed it as another empty phrase that someone felt the need to put on a silicone wristband to be cool. It’s not. It’s not an empty mantra or hollowContinue reading “Pay It Forward: A Movement For You & Me”