What Makes You, You?

WordPress.com’s Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You got me thinking. What makes you, you exactly? All of us are made up of a special mix of physical traits, intangibles and, shall we say, character flaws. So what’s your recipe?

Here’s mine. Enjoy!

Shine Soup

It's a short mug, but height's overrated.

It’s a short mug, but height’s overrated.


  • 2 c introversion 
  • 1 c water (fresh, salt, chlorinated or bath)
Mother Nature's beauty

Enjoying the serene Alder Pond at the Goodyear Heights Metro Park. I love water!

  • 1 thinking cap
  • 2 candles, melted (preferably island/tropical scents)
  • 2 tsp mud (from a trail somewhere)
  • 1 tbsp adventure

Incoming! Skydiving is a rush of adrenaline… and surprisingly peaceful.

  • 3 laughs
  • 1 infectious smile

Having a blast at my brother’s wedding!

  •  a chip off the old block
  • 1/2 c espresso (or more if needed)
rafting the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas

Yes, I have an espresso problem. I even take it rafting.


Blend all ingredients until smooth. Set out in the sun until desired temperature is achieved. Sprinkle with a bit of impatience before serving, but don’t wait too long!

relaxing on the beach

Soaking in the rays on Hilton Head Island…

If you make Shine Soup while watching The Bionic Woman, it just tastes better. (Ask Jaime Sommers; it’s true.)

Serve with homemade gnocchi, lasagna or other fine Italian cuisine. Oh, and alcohol.

leg lamp cookies!

They’re FRA-GEE-LAY… must be Italian!

Warning: Consumption of this food may force your brain into overdrive. Sorry, there’s no off switch, but the feeling should subside within 24 hours after eating.

Note: Do not make this recipe early in the morning. Trust me, it won’t turn out well.

Shine Soup is best enjoyed with a sibling, longtime friends or family.

Bonnie & Clyde... back in the day.

Bonnie & Clyde… back in the day.

What’s your recipe? 

Cheers from the chef,

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