Why do you want to be an egghead?

It’s the first thing that makes me second guess following you. Seriously, if you can’t even add a custom avatar – something, anything – I really question the value of your tweets. Of course, there’s debate on what works best as an avatar, but first, you need an avatar.

I realize that this is basic knowledge, one of the first things you learn when deciding to jump into social media. So why do so many people still want to be an egghead? 

Twitter default avatar

A little history… The current default avatar came about in September of 2010 when Twitter decided to make another update in this area. Previously, the micro-blogging platform used a strange, pseudo face with a brown background followed by a bird. I’m always amazed at the uproar that follows a default avatar update. Why not just customize your avatar?

previous default Twitter avatar     previous default Twitter avatar

I get it. I’m not photogenic and would much rather be behind the camera. However, your face (cartoon, logo or place of business) is as much a part of your brand — personal or business — as your tweets. Let people put a face with a name and establish more of a connection with you. Add a little warmth to the oftentimes cold digital world.

Jaime Shine/CCC Twitter Bio

Personally, I would recommend a head shot. It doesn’t have to be formal or professionally taken; just make sure it sends the vibe that you’re aiming for. I do change up my profile picture from time to time and have different profile pictures across my social platforms. I recognize that I have different audiences on other platforms and choose a profile picture accordingly.

If you absolutely refuse to use a head shot, then at least use your logo, place of business or an object that is meaningful to you. Remember, your profile picture is one of the best ways to make a first impression. Make it count! Don’t be an egghead.

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Your turn…

What are your thoughts on social media avatars?

Do you use a default avatar on any social network? If so, why?

Does a default avatar affect your impressions of someone?

Chime in… let’s discuss!

Default avatar images courtesy of Digg with me blog

I may be crazy but I’m not an egghead–

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