Pinterest: In The Spotlight

Pinterest: In The Spotlight

Pinterest: it’s not just for soccer moms and DIY crafty types. This visual-oriented social platform can be a great place to showcase your business.

Pin this: Now you can spotlight your Pinterest boards right on your website. Just click on the arrows button on the board you’d like to spotlight and grab the code for your site. Nice & easy!

If you’ve yet to utilize Pinterest for business (or aren’t really sure what you’re doing), start with switching to (or opening) a business account. You can still use your account for business and pleasure if you’d like. Switching to a business account just gives you access to analytics and other helpful tools. See which pins are driving the most traffic to your site, being repinned and drawing users in to click for more information.

After setting up your business account, get pinning with these tips:

  • Take advantage of board descriptions — Let other Pinterest users know what they should expect to find on each board. This is a great place to draw people (and potential customers) in! p.s. Don’t hesitate to include a couple of relevant hashtags to your board subject matter.
  • Share the love — Repin relevant information from other users in addition to pinning original photos, infographics and images. This is a great way to connect with other like-minded users and develop your professional network.
  • Find when your audience is on Pinterest — conventional wisdom has been that Pinterest is busier at night and on weekends but that may not be the case for your audience. Play around by posting at different times on different days until you begin to understand when your audience is on the popular site.
  • Show your story — Pinterest is a great place to show your story, not tell it. Showcase your products and services, successful case studies, happy customers, company culture, community involvement, industry, etc. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and let people know who you and your business are.

Real world examples:

  • Have a blog? Create a blog board for your posts and consider including interesting posts from other blogs as well.
  • Sell services? No problem! Stop users mid-scroll by showing the service in action. Let potential customers imagine themselves utilizing the service, so they can click through to your site or contact you for more info. CCC has marketing, social media and writing boards.

Your Turn

Is your business on Pinterest? Share your URL in the comments!

Who’s your favorite brand to follow on Pinterest?

Any other helpful Pinterest tips?

Visually inspired (and impaired),

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