Boomers to Millennials: Your Generation Sets Your Communication Style

Are you a Traditionalist? A Millennial? Or somewhere in between?  Chances are, your communication habits have been heavily shaped by the experiences and times you’ve grown up with. They’re also probably so ingrained into who you are that you may not even notice them.

I recently attended a networking luncheon featuring a communication skills consultant speaking on inter-generational communication differences. It was enlightening and entertaining while proving that these differences affect nearly everything that we do.

We’re in a unique age: your cubicle neighbor could belong to one of four generations.

Which generation do you belong to? Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials (aka Gen Y)? Do you find yourself showing the tendencies subscribed to your generation? (If you’re not sure, check out the chart below.)

generation chart

The speaker actually put on outfits and changed her point of view to each generation as she discussed them, along with how they interacted. It was eye opening.

How many times have you had a negative experience with someone in a different generation and naturally wrote him off as out of touch, self-centered, etc.?

If we actually take a moment to understand where the other person is coming from and understand her experience, it’s amazing how much better we can all communicate — and get things done.

I actually discovered that I’m technically a Millennial while I’ve always associated myself with Gen X. I’m right on the border, so I’ve probably been influenced by the number of older kids and adults I grew up around, socialize with and have worked beside.

Each generation has its pros and cons, but I do tend to see myself reflecting the attributes linked to Generation X more so than Millennials. Watch the video clip below for a short trip into this fascinating presentation.

How about you? Which generation are you a member of?

Do you see the mindsets referenced above in yourself?

Or are you more aligned with another generation (especially a borderline one)?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes your generation great, inter-generational communication and how we can all just get a long. (Or can we?)  🙂

A Gen Xer at heart,

Published by Jaime Shine

I love to write. While most kids were playing with blocks or dolls, I was publishing magazines and newspapers – feature articles, ads, sports box scores, the whole nine yards. From promotions director to advertising roles to branding projects, I’ve always been interested in all forms of marketing. That interest blossomed into a career path and led me to open my own business, which has always been a dream of mine. And I’d love to work my magic for you. Check out my company's services, discover more about me or chime in on my blog, covering a variety of topics, at

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