Things I Carry: Pen and Paper

Yes, you read that right: pen and paper. As in old school, you need a writing utensil to use it effectively paper.

Sure, I enjoy my smart phone; I can be quite the geek when it comes to gadgets. But I love the feeling of actually writing things down, whether I’m feeling out a blog post, brainstorming ideas for a client or gathering my thoughts before a meeting.

mini inspirational notebooks

I always have a mini notebook and pen in my handbag, and you’ll often see me scribbling notes in a coffee shop while I’m refueling with more espresso or transferring thoughts from my brain to paper in an airport.

In my office and around my house, I have both full size and mini notebooks, depending on what I’m writing. I jotted down some ideas for this blog post on my awesome The Office mini notebook. How does that cover not make you smile?

The Office notebook

People will sometimes ask me how I think of ideas or get over writer’s block. My secret weapon is paper. A blank page looks much less intimidating to me than a blank screen and flashing cursor. Paper encourages ideas to start flowing and opens my eyes to connections between thoughts, allowing me to come up with solutions that I would have been hard pressed to otherwise.

As I’m writing this, there are 6 sources of paper on my desk: full size and miniature notebooks, a leather padfolio and sticky notes.

I <3 PaperMate Flair

In order to write down my magical ideas, I need a quality writing instrument. In my case, that’s a PaperMate Flair in a rainbow of colors. The PaperMate Flair is a felt tip writing instrument that captures my need for vivid color, dries quickly and doesn’t bleed. How much do I love these pens? I actually pulled the colors of my logo for my business from them.

Besides pen and paper, I do carry a few other things:

  • smartphone (how did we live without these?)
  • lotion, hand sanitizer and tissues
  • chewing gum
  • tumbler filled with water 
  • nuts, dried fruit & other healthy snacks
  • hoodie/sweater/jacket (always getting cold)
  • a book or two (certified bookworm here)
  • running shoes / workout clothes (a workout can change your perspective)

my New Balance kicks

What’s on your list? What things do you carry?

Compiling this list made me look around my office and admire a few cool knickknacks that make my office mine. Maybe I’ll have to do a separate list: Things That Give My Office Its Mojo.

What do you think?


p.s. I got this idea from LinkedIn, who asked top influencers what they couldn’t work without. Check out their (cool and sometimes unique) answers here.

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