Twitter DMs: Strategy or Spam?

Twitter DMs: you either love them or hate them.

Twitter DMs: Strategy or Spam?

While I’m not a personal fan, I do see how they can be used effectively. The problem is that I so rarely see them used effectively. Direct messaging on Twitter tends to be highly automated and utilized differently than messaging features on other platforms. Facebook messages are a great way to communicate with clients, further connect with other individuals — personally or professionally and for groups to have conversations or plan an event. Other platforms are noticing as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have all added direct messaging capabilities.

However, Twitter DMs are often ignored and make some people angry. While I don’t usually get that riled up, here are two recent examples of why Twitter DMs turn me off.

I connected with a local bar/grille and received an automated DM thanking me for connecting and hoping they would see me soon. Fair enough, I made a note that I should check the place out. From time to time, I receive automated DMs about a popular menu item (wings night!) or asking me when I plan to stop by. I responded at one point asking if the bar carried UFC fights. No response — ever. So you’re utilizing DMs to stay top of mind and try to start a conversation, but you don’t respond when someone joins the conversation. What kind of strategy is that?

Here’s another recent example that just confounded me, which often happens when people do things online that they would never do in person. I connected with an individual, who promptly direct messaged me to ask me to retweet a self-promotional tweet on his timeline — link included. That’s like meeting someone at a coffee shop or bar and then asking for a favor 5 minutes later. Would you do that? Probably not, so don’t do it online.

Remember: think before you tweet or DM. Unlike television or other push broadcasting mediums, your recipients can talk back — for the whole world to see.

Join the Conversation

Do you utilize Twitter DMs? How?

Do you utilize direct messaging on other social platforms?

Show me an example of a brand/company utilizing Twitter DMs effectively, even if it’s your own.

Tweet me — or drop your comments below. I’d love to discuss!


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