Saved: Facebook Scrolls Into the News Game

Let’s face it. Facebook desperately wants to be the center of your online activities: your home page, your entertainment hub, your news source. Especially your news source. The social media giant may have finally arrived in this last sector.

Facebook's Save feature
Facebook is giving you more control over your News Feed, including saving content you’d like to view later.

The recently introduced Save feature finally allows you to store interesting news stories and posts away for later when you have some time to read them. This is a great option for users and brands alike. Fans of your page can catch up on your shared blog posts and contests on the train, waiting at the doctor’s office or settled in front of the fire place later that evening. Have you saved any posts on Facebook for later viewing?

When you’re ready to retrieve your saved works, just click on the Saved link on the left hand side of your home page under your other lists (if you have any). A News Feed will display with your saved posts, even allowing you to further narrow down your selection by media type: links, videos, music, books, etc. The Saved News Feed also allows you to easily view the content, the original post or share the content to your network.

For brands, users who save your material have a shortcut to your content and page. Will this affect the type of content you share? Will it encourage you to share more in-depth articles, how-to videos and blog posts, knowing that users don’t have to consume the content when they see it?

Combined with the latest change to Facebook’s algorithm, this may be the way to go. Posts sharing a link with preview now achieve far better reach than pictures or plain text updates (in most cases). Plus, the social media behemoth is now allowing users to further customize their News Feeds.

With these changes, Facebook may finally be moving toward the news source it so desperately wants to be.

Comment: Your Facebook Feedback

Are you using Save and the new customization features?

Have these new features affected your view of brand pages on Facebook?

Do you enjoy using Facebook more, less or the same as one year ago?

What features can Facebook introduce to improve your experience?

p.s. As a user, I’m enjoying Facebook’s new features, but as a brand page owner, I’m still not sold. What do you think?


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