Yes Virginia, It Really Is All About The Little Things

The Lego Store Display
It’s amazing what thousands of little Lego pieces can create!

I’m onsite with a client this week and have been reminded of an important adage as I delve into the company’s processes and systems.

It’s all about the little things.

It really is. The smallest pieces of data, minor decisions and ‘mundane’ moments make up most of our lives. If we learn to appreciate these seemingly irrelevant aspects of our being, we’ll be a lot better off. Processes will go smoother, relationships will work better and we’ll get more enjoyment out of life.

For example, I headed to the Mall of America while I’m in town and had to visit the Lego Store. Its impressive display on top of the store (pictured above) is amazing! Think about the thousands upon thousands of little Lego pieces it took to make this eye-catching display. If one piece was missing or the wrong color, it would stick out. Every single piece contributes to the finished product — a work of art.

This thought process applies to your business life too. Emails, reports and other communications help ensure everyone is on the same page when working on projects. The smallest pieces of data add up to provide crucial demographic information and reports showing return on investment. Branding, events, marketing, promotions, social media and sponsorship can all go right or wrong based on the most minute of details. Every part of the process, no matter how small, is necessary to achieve the desired end result.

So pat yourself on the back for a job well done the next time you take care of the little things.

Sound Off

What little things do you take care of?

How has handling a little thing led to a big moment in your life?

p.s. Have you been to the Mall of America? What’s your favorite part?

A devil for the details,

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Published by Jaime Shine

I love to write. While most kids were playing with blocks or dolls, I was publishing magazines and newspapers – feature articles, ads, sports box scores, the whole nine yards. From promotions director to advertising roles to branding projects, I’ve always been interested in all forms of marketing. That interest blossomed into a career path and led me to open my own business, which has always been a dream of mine. And I’d love to work my magic for you. Check out my company's services, discover more about me or chime in on my blog, covering a variety of topics, at

3 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, It Really Is All About The Little Things

  1. Hi Jaime, Instead of answering your questions, hope you don’t mind if I share a great story. I’ve been tutoring a fourth who is reading beneath his grade level. When I learned that he loves all things Lego, and especially the Lego movie, I bought some books based on the movie. He’s now completed the level 1 and level 2 books, and been rewarded with the books themselves plus a Lego toy (Metalbeard the Pirate, who lost his body in battle, and who now has a body made up of bits and pieces of his ship). I can’t tell you how proud I am of my student. By the way, you are so right about the nature of Lego toys. The toys and the stories are full of details, and I think that’s one reason kids love them so much! Cheers!


    1. Great story, Carol! Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how you can help someone achieve something when you figure out how to connect with him or her. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  2. A bunch of little things go together to make great things; I love your perspective with this story.
    This is something that I’m always trying to impress upon my sales team, take care of all the little things first. When we look at the achievements of great people in our past, sometimes we forget that these enormous contributions to society were all the accumulation of many small things. Thomas Edison was in his laboratory at 7:00 AM sharp EVERY morning, not just the day he invented the light bulb. Mother Teresa spent three hours in prayer every morning before and after she became internationally known for the loving care she brought to the most needy in our society. We all admire the great spaceships that orbit the earth and took us to the moon, but sometimes we fail to realize that those ships are made of thousands of tiny little pieces and put together by thousands of people who did so many small things right. St. Teresa of Lisieux, a Doctor of the Church, said that she tried to do hundreds of ‘ordinary things with extraordinary love’ each and every day.


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