Clearly Conveyed Communications is excited to share a guest blog post, Bleeding, by Sage Doyle. Following is an original poem by Mr. Doyle that he was willing to share with our readers. Enjoy!

Who is Sage Doyle?

Sage Doyle GravatarSage Doyle is a mainstream novel writer pursuing
publication. On his blog, he features a mix of
poetry and short fiction, including the ongoing
story, The Journal of Wall Grimm (which
contains mature content.) Mr. Doyle has a B.A. in
English and an M.S. in Psychology/Counseling.
His approach to fiction writing is character-
based, psychological and literary. You can
connect with Sage on Twitter @sagedoyle or via email at Sage Doyle is a pen name.


Sage Doyle

I feel it inside corrupting the
moment of each plaited
glance you press
upon me
intense and
I understand
those subtle grimaces as
they express pain I’ll take it
in order to sedate
your worried heart
do not ever think I am not
man enough for
an occasional beating
of my soul
beat me
beat me and i will
carry you upon my own
broken feet as
I prevent your feet
from bleeding

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We hope you enjoyed Sage Doyle’s original work! Please visit his blog to enjoy more of Mr. Doyle’s writing and leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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