Do You Mow Your Blog?

As a homeowner, there are certain tasks that you tackle on a regular basis. Mowing the lawn, taking out the trash/recycling, washing and drying clothes, cleaning, etc. While they can seem repetitive and sometimes annoying, they’re necessary to maintain the look and feel of your home.

Image by Allison Carmody from Pixabay

As a blog manager, there are also certain tasks that you should tackle on a regular basis. These include:

  • posting quality content 
  • responding to readers’ comments
  • updating the About page
  • cleaning up your categories/tags when necessary
  • analyzing blog stats and making updates as necessary
  • ensuring that contact information is up to date
  • visiting your blog on various devices to test loading speed/quality
  • checking for broken links to external content 
  • reading and engaging with other blogs


Regularly visit your site as a reader does. What kind of experience do you have? Does your blog load quickly? Is it easy to navigate on a smartphone and tablet? Does it have compatibility issues with any browsers or operating systems? Is it easy to find specific content via categories, tags, archives or a search box? Can a reader quickly contact you if interested?  

Yes, these are basic blogging tasks, but they’re easy to forget or push to the back burner — just like those homeowner tasks. Admit it. When’s the last time you’ve decided to clean only because the massive amount of dust is triggering a sneezing attack? 🙂  

So remember to mow your blog. You don’t want to be that creepy blog with stale content, overgrown navigation and an absentee owner.

What other blog tasks do you perform on a regular basis? Do you disagree with any I’ve listed? Chime in below!


Happy blogging,

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