Wild: A Journey That Takes You Along For The Ride

I recently crossed an entry off my ever-growing reading list by tackling Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Part memoir, part cathartic experience, this gripping read brings you along during Strayed’s journey of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT). “I was alone. I was barefoot. I was twenty-six years old and an orphan too. An actual stray,Continue reading “Wild: A Journey That Takes You Along For The Ride”

Mental Illness: Why don’t we talk about it?

Mental illness. Why don’t we talk about it? There have been a number of taboos in society over the years, and one by one they have slipped (or been forced) into mainstream conversation. Sex, alternative lifestyles, birth control, racial equality, etc. But mental illness has somehow remained elusive. I recently listened to a scary, heartbreaking,Continue reading “Mental Illness: Why don’t we talk about it?”