Advertising: Do You Watch?

Are you a fan of ads? In the age of TIVO and DVRs, you’re probably thinking that’s not even relevant anymore. But I’m talking about all types of advertisements, from magazine and online ads to billboards and yes, television. I came across an article on the ‘winners’ of Olympic advertising, so this subject came to mind.

Would you advertise here? I would.
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As an advertising major, I probably tend to pay attention to advertising more than most. In past training sessions on the effectiveness of advertising, I would ask attendees the one day of the year when folks actually watch TV for the ads. Normally someone would interject “the Super Bowl!” which is what I was looking for. While an ardent football fan, I do look forward to the ads as well, as sometimes the game itself isn’t exactly entertaining (unless you’re a fan of the winning team, of course). I did always find it interesting that most of the attendees’ favorite ads didn’t make them think of the advertiser. An expensive way to just make someone laugh, no?

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Don Draper.

With the success of Mad Men, it seems like advertising has become a little more popular again (thanks, Don Draper). However, I’m curious as to whether people are actually paying attention to it or just watching this entertaining TV show.

So, back to my original question. Do you pay attention to advertising?

What’s your favorite ad? Or advertiser? By the way, if you’re interested in the article I mentioned at the beginning of my post, here you go.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Published by Jaime Shine

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4 thoughts on “Advertising: Do You Watch?

  1. I haven’t watched “Mad Men” much after the first season-maybe I’ll catch up when it’s over & available as a boxed set.

    I love watching ads on TV even though as a direct marketer, I know there’s no reliable way 99% of the time to measure their success. I watch them for how well they deliver a message and/or support a brand. Creativity is also good.

    But some ads are run so often and across so many channels & networks that I find myself disturbed by their frequency. Some examples are “” or the Grease “Summer Days”-themed ad for Nissan.


    1. Paul, thanks for your comments. I’ve only caught a few episodes of Mad Men myself. It seems to depend on if I’m in the mood or not.

      TV ads have usually catch my attention as well, even though they are so hard to track — especially without a unique, specific call to action. I love creative ads, especially when they relate to the product or service being advertised. Sometimes people try so hard for creativity that they completely miss the mark.

      I agree with you that some are run way too often and seem to take a ‘throwing darts’ approach. I guess someone figures if they’re run over and over or on so many channels, people can’t help but to take notice. Unfortunately, I think that usually turns people off completely. (I’ve seen the summer days commercial so many times I usually mute it, and I love that song!)

      I also like good ads in magazines and well thought out direct mail pieces, especially when either involves cross-channel marketing. Again, thanks for your insight and visiting my blog!



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