I Am Me: A Retrospective

Ed. Note: Following is a character sketch I originally wrote as a 19-year-old on January 22, 2001 but never published. While some of the details have changed, this sketch still sums up who I am rather well. I’m thinking about writing a follow-up sketch to update some of the details. What do you think? 

I am me.

This simple yet powerful statement took me the better part of 18 years to figure out. From my bleached blond locks to my silver polyester shirt to my vinyl pants, I radiate style. Well, my style.

my teenage bedroom
My bedroom as a teenager… Priceless.

I am creative, eccentric, spontaneous. My orange and green bedroom walls are a direct extension of my soul. I read my Bible and Stephen King books. I love country music and rap. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I get impatient easily and hate to be bored. However, I can daydream for hours. I love to fly across the sky, where there are no red lights, stop signs and traffic jams. I want to ride across America on my Harley just to say I did it. I root for the bad guy in movies.

I believe in fate and destiny; I do have a purpose in life. I respect Elvis, admire Muhammad Ali and love Jesus. My biggest fear is being ordinary. I live by the saying “Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.” When I die, I want people to look back and say, “Oh, she did.”

Your thoughts?

Happy Friday,

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p.s. No, I don’t still have orange and green bedroom walls, but I am getting ready to paint them Key Largo and Sunwashed Blue. 🙂

Published by Jaime Shine

I love to write. While most kids were playing with blocks or dolls, I was publishing magazines and newspapers – feature articles, ads, sports box scores, the whole nine yards. From promotions director to advertising roles to branding projects, I’ve always been interested in all forms of marketing. That interest blossomed into a career path and led me to open my own business, which has always been a dream of mine. And I’d love to work my magic for you. Check out my company's services, discover more about me or chime in on my blog, covering a variety of topics, at http://jaimeshine.com.

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