I Am Me: A Retrospective

Ed. Note: Following is a character sketch I originally wrote as a 19-year-old on January 22, 2001 but never published. While some of the details have changed, this sketch still sums up who I am rather well. I’m thinking about writing a follow-up sketch to update some of the details. What do you think? 

I am me.

This simple yet powerful statement took me the better part of 18 years to figure out. From my bleached blond locks to my silver polyester shirt to my vinyl pants, I radiate style. Well, my style.

my teenage bedroom

My bedroom as a teenager… Priceless.

I am creative, eccentric, spontaneous. My orange and green bedroom walls are a direct extension of my soul. I read my Bible and Stephen King books. I love country music and rap. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I get impatient easily and hate to be bored. However, I can daydream for hours. I love to fly across the sky, where there are no red lights, stop signs and traffic jams. I want to ride across America on my Harley just to say I did it. I root for the bad guy in movies.

I believe in fate and destiny; I do have a purpose in life. I respect Elvis, admire Muhammad Ali and love Jesus. My biggest fear is being ordinary. I live by the saying “Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.” When I die, I want people to look back and say, “Oh, she did.”

Your thoughts?

Happy Friday,

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p.s. No, I don’t still have orange and green bedroom walls, but I am getting ready to paint them Key Largo and Sunwashed Blue. 🙂