Social Media: Sales or Marketing Tool?

Social Media: Sales or Marketing?

The big discussion on social media revolves around selling. Is it for hard selling? Creating and maintaining relationships? Building a community?

Social media creates opportunities. It’s up to you to close them.

Social media is one tool in your marketing mix. The confusion lies in the merging of sales and marketing — two separate functions (that need to work together). Marketing, including social media, should bring you opportunities, but it’s up to sales to convert them. Does that make sense?

If you’re receiving (qualified) leads, then social media and your other marketing tools are doing their job. If you’re not, adjust your marketing methods that aren’t working.

If social media isn’t working for you, ask yourself:

  • Am I on the correct social media platforms?
  • Is my strategy designed to bring in qualified leads?
  • What are my calls-to-action (CTAs) asking?

If you’re bringing in qualified leads but not closing them, that’s a sales issue. Perhaps your website isn’t user-friendly, your pricing doesn’t work for people, or they’re not buying the value of your products or services. Regardless, not converting your opportunities isn’t a marketing or social media issue. It’s not about pointing the finger. It’s about achieving results.

That’s my take; I’d love to hear yours!

What’s your take on the sales and marketing conundrum?

Is social media a sales or marketing tool?


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