Social Media: For Better or Worse?

In honor of the fifth annual Social Media Day yesterday, we wanted to stay on subject. While pouring over the coverage, it reminded us how much social media and the digital revolution has changed our lives — for better or worse.


How has social media changed our lives?

Social media and the digital revolution have made some amazing rags-to-riches stories!

Social media and the digital revolution have created some amazing rags-to-riches stories!

For Better

  • Connecting people around town and around the world
  • Giving brands direct access to their customers/fans
  • Spurring revolutions/progress
  • Easy publishing platform
  • Crowdfunding/fundraising


Is Facebook the new cigarette?

Is Facebook (or social media in general) the new cigarette?
Photo by JulieFaith via CC BY NC ND 2.0

For Worse

  • Spreading intolerance/hate/stupidity
  • Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam (the new email!)
  • Creating a time suck/productivity black hole (Candy Crush, anyone?)
  • No boundaries (“head in phone syndrome”)
  • Theft epidemic of virtual resources

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Your turn –> Social Media: For Better or Worse?

Do the pros outweigh the cons for social media?

Share an example of how social media has affected your life — positively or negatively.

Do you spend more or less time on social media than a year ago?


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