Brands Rocking Social Media In The Real World

The number one question I receive about social media has always been “But what do I post?” Business professionals and owners want to see the value in utilizing social media but are intimidated by the thought of how to develop a loyal fan base and keep these folks happy. So I thought I would share some cool uses of social media by brands as examples.

Online / Offline Integration — On a Budget

Recently, the local metro park system passed a renewal levy to continue receiving well deserved operating funds. The parks, which are popular in the area, wanted to say thank you to voters for their kindness. Budget is always a concern for an organization that depends at least partially on tax revenue for funds, and users of the Metro Parks range across all ages, income levels, technology abilities, etc. Put another way, some users follow the social media-savvy park system online and via its app while others never turn on a computer. What to do?

The parks printed thank you signs and placed them by their park entrance signs, which are typically in high traffic areas. I actually noticed one a few days after the election on the way to my ‘home’ metro park for a trail run. It caught my eye, and I thought what a cool idea! Then the parks took pictures of a few of these signs and posted them to their social media platforms along with a heartfelt thank you to its fans.

This is just one reason why the Metro Parks, Serving Summit County rock social media, and I’m proud to be a fan.

For more ideas, check out the Metro Parks, Serving Summit County on:
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Looking at the Big Picture (And Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum)

More and more brands are flocking to Instagram to take advantage of the popular photo (and now video) platform. So how do you stand out? Check out Virgin Mobile‘s attempt to step back and look at the big picture.

As a Virgin Mobile customer, occasionally I receive alerts on my phone from the company with updates — a new app, news of note or a cool download. One of these alerts led me to check out Virgin on IG. When I clicked on the link, I immediately saw how the creative company used parts of several pictures to form a larger image. How cool is that?

As you’ve probably noticed, the Virgin Group companies like to color outside of the lines (and this author loves it). Need more examples?

The King of Tech Even Fails In Style

If you’re familiar with technology at all, you’ve probably heard of Mashable. Founded in 2005, the self-proclaimed leading source of news, information and resources for the Connected Generation offers insight on social media, technology, business, entertainment and more. I receive emails from this tech giant (which is monumental for me because I generally opt out, not in) and had to laugh at a broken link I found this week. Yes, a broken link. Why? Because Mashable even fails in style. Check out the message below that I received when a story link was invalid. How can you not smile?

Mashable broken link message

The king of tech even fails in style!
(Screen shot from Mashable)

So there you have it… Three companies of all shapes and sizes rocking social media to fit their needs.

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What do you think? What other companies are rocking social media or doing something different?

Feel free to share in the comments below, including your own company. If you have any questions or would like help with your social media efforts (on any level), please let me know. CCC would love to help!

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