Brands Rocking Social Media In The Real World

The number one question I receive about social media has always been “But what do I post?” Business professionals and owners want to see the value in utilizing social media but are intimidated by the thought of how to develop a loyal fan base and keep these folks happy. So I thought I would share someContinue reading “Brands Rocking Social Media In The Real World”

Is Your Business Like Cheers?

Recently I’ve watched a few episodes of the classic show, Cheers (thank you, Netflix!), and remembered why I always enjoyed hanging out with the gang at the friendly bar in Boston. The show’s tagline, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, says it all. The characters came across as regular people who you would love to discussContinue reading “Is Your Business Like Cheers?”

“What’s the most amazing way to do it?”

Great thought from Sir Richard Branson… How do you make what you do amazing?  As always, I’d love to hear from you. Photo courtesy of Richard Branson’s blog Enjoy the weekend! Jaime Join the conversation: