Customer Experience: Starbucks Shows How It’s Done

Loyal readers of this blog know that I’m an espresso lover and Starbucks fan. Despite being a longtime, loyal customer, I do run into problems with the coffee behemoth once in awhile, like you will with any brand. What matters most is how your favorite brands resolve these occasional issues.

Starbucks logo on coffee sleeve
The famous twin-tailed mermaid, or Siren, makes me smile.

Earlier this week, I decided to run to my local Starbucks to grab lunch. In the midst of a chaotic day, I ordered a deli sandwich via Mobile Order & Pay in the Starbucks app. Upon arriving, I learned that the sandwich I had ordered was sold out.

The barista apologized and let me know what other sandwiches the store had and reminded me of the newly available (in our area) Bistro Boxes. I decided on another sandwich that I had been debating on ordering anyway, and my revised order was quickly filled.

The same barista, who took control of my situation, didn’t charge me the additional cost of my new order and promptly gave me two $4 coupons for future use. The best part was that I was still in and out of the store in 3-4 minutes so I stayed on schedule.

The substituted sandwich was delicious and paired nicely with my second latte of the day I brewed when I was back in my office (with Starbucks coffee, of course). Instead of leaving the Starbucks store peeved and empty-handed, the barista made sure that I walked away with a positive experience despite the hiccup.

How do your favorite brands handle the occasional hiccup?

Always drinking (or thinking about) espresso,

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2 thoughts on “Customer Experience: Starbucks Shows How It’s Done

  1. Hi Jaime, I too am a Starbucks fan, The people there are so nice! On one occasion I had my dog Morgan with me. (He loves the car!). Well, I was walking Morgan around the Starbucks parking lot. When I decided to get him back into the car, he simply was not ready. (I guess he had more exploring in mind.) After several back-and-forths on this issue, he backed out of his harness! My heart sunk! I raced after him. Next I knew, he was in the street! Thanks to a Starbucks employee, Morgan is still with us. This terrific young man saw the situation, and ran much faster than I ever could have to scoop Morgan into his arms and return him to the car. I thanked him with a gift card to a favorite restaurant, If you’d like to see a photo of Morgan, and my other doggies too, see

    Wishing you well always,

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    1. Carol,

      You have beautiful dogs! I can’t believe how long I’ve been without a pet. I do miss having one around the house.

      That’s such a great story about the Starbucks employee. I think these acts of kindness happen all of the time, but sometimes we’re too distracted or busy to notice them.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I loved your post about our relationship with dogs!


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