Vlog: Showcase Your Event in a Show Daily

Last week, CCC was in Indianapolis creating content and getting social with over 34,000 firefighters from around the world at FDIC International 2018. In addition to impressive signage and booth displays, we picked up another cool idea — a Show Daily.

This tabloid-sized publication shared highlights from the previous day’s events. It’s also a great way to feature sponsors, hot/new products and actionable takeaways for attendees to follow up on during or after the show.

A practical piece that also serves as a memento from your event! How can you utilize a Show Daily?

Vlog: This Underutilized Idea Will Help Make Your Marketing Memorable 

What does memorable marketing look like? This piece from FedEx.

The shipping company utilizes its new eCom Label Solutions to promote the benefits of its new eCom Label Solutions. That may sound obvious, but it’s not.

Using your new product or service to promote your new product or service is an innovative and underutilized idea in the marketing world.

Watch our first vlog, and let us know what you think in the comments.


The CCC Team

A Toast, ABSOLUT! Branding At Its Finest

What’s your favorite brand?

Seriously, take a moment to think about a brand that captures your attention with its story, connects with you and seems to invite you to try their product. For me, one of those brands is ABSOLUT VODKA.


One of a kind, millions of expressions…

Initially, I was intrigued by their advertising, especially their splashy, sophisticated print ads. They not only caught my eye, but drew me in to the ABSOLUT world. And that’s exactly what the ads conveyed to me: there was a pristine ABSOLUT world where sophisticated people engaged in intelligent discussion over glasses of pure vodka. A clean, organized world with ample white space and where everything had its place.


Sparkle & Spirit…


ABSOLUT had a personality, which breathed through its advertising straight into the product. Sophisticated,
intelligent, unique and fun. ABSOLUT stands out from other brands of vodka because of its stories. Each flavor — and
there are several — has a back story, just like the brand itself. You’re not just drinking ABSOLUT TUNE, you’re
drinking the perfect sparkling cocktail, which has been made for you.



That story is carried from the ads to the packaging to the product — complete cohesiveness. So many times brands miss the mark with their packaging, and along with it, a huge opportunity to promote their stories and establish emotional bonds. ABSOLUT does not. It’s iconic bottle and limited edition packaging is legendary. A few of my favorites…


A creative collaboration…


In an ABSOLUT world, you’re with the band.

What is your favorite brand?

What initially drew you to this brand? Its advertising? The product itself?

I’d love to hear about your favorite brands in the comments below or hit me up on social media.

Image credits: ABSOLUT

Bottoms up,

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